Aerobiology: current stage and future perspectives

Olga Sozinova (Leading research scientist)


Dear colleagues, you are very welcome to the annual international conference of the University of Latvia, the aerobiology section! 

We will start on Monday at 10.00 am (Riga time, UTC+2). If a technical check-up is needed, feel free to connect at 9.30 

ZOOM link for the conference:

Please, pay attention to some technical details. Oral presentations should be 15min long and might be pre-recorded (if needed). We have 30 participants in total, and 15 presentations. It will be enough with one day, i.e.31st of January.

  • Antonio Picornell
  • Bernard Clot
  • Beverley Adams-Groom
  • Carmen Galan
  • David O'Connor
  • Denis Omelchenko
  • Elena Severova
  • Fiona Tummon
  • Francisco Abel Guerrero-Páez
  • Maria Louna-Korteniemi
  • Maria Plaza
  • Maryna Yasniuk
  • María de las Mercedes Rojas-Gómez
  • Matt Smith
  • Moisés Martínez-Bracero
  • Nestor Gonzalez Roldan
  • Nicolas Bruffaerts
  • Olga Chesnokova
  • Rocío López Orozco
  • Tatyana Kuchenko
  • Victoria Rodinkova
  • Viktor József Vojnich
  • Willem Verstraeten
  • Yana Reznik
  • Łukasz Grewling
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