February 9, 2022
Europe/Riga timezone

The title of this section already reflects the theme of summarizing research on factors in teachers` resilience, such as teachers' mental health during the Covid-19 crisis, when teachers worked remotely. The agenda of the section will include reports from the first international research data analyses of Latvia, Slovakia, Lithuania within the framework of the Erasmus + project. The aim of the section is to present research data on 3 sample data of teachers on variables of resilience and social-emotional health, comparing them in 3 countries and analyzing data from a separate country study. The strengths of teachers and the relationship between mental health indicators (according to SEHS-T, Furlong, Gajdosova,2014,2018) and various demographic indicators will be sought to support the content of the planned Teacher Support Program what will be developed in 2022-2023. 

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