January 31, 2022
Europe/Riga timezone

Scientific Program

9.30 – Technical check-up if necessary (ZOOM, sound, screen sharing, etc.)
Chair: Dr. Olga Sozinova
10.00–10.10 Olga Sozinova, Latvia. Opening
10.10–10.45 Prof. Mikhail Sofiev, Finland. Lecture: Bioaerosols in the air: what do we know and how to learn more?
10.45–11.00 Willem Verstraeten,Belgium. The sources of long-term trends of airborne birch and grass pollen levels in Belgium
11.05–11.15 Yana Reznik, Ukraine. Fungal spores as autumn allergens in Ukraine
11.20-11.35 Juan J. Hidalgo-Barquero,Spain. Influence of atmospheric pollutants on pollen concentrations of Chenopodia-Amaranthaceae, Fraxinus and Myrtaceae
Coffee break, discussions
11.55–12.15 Prof. Carmen Galan, Spain. Lecture: Achievements and perspectives of aerobiology in the Spanish Aerobiology Network (REA)
12.20–12.35 Viktor József Vojnich, Hungary. Pollen concentration of invasive tree of heaven (Ailanthus altissima) on the Southern Great Plain region, in Hungary between 2019 and 2020.
12.40–12.55 Łukasz Grewling, Poland. High temporal resolution monitoring of Ambrosia pollen in ambient air.
13.00–13.10 Tatyana Kuchenko, Ukraine. Utility of pollen information searchers in internet in the context of prevention of seasonal allergy
13.15-13.30 Moisés Martínez-Bracero, Ireland. Alternaria and Cladosporium modelling in Ireland
Coffee break, discussions
13.50-14.20 Prof. Viсtoria Rodinkova, Ukraine. Aerobiology in Ukraine: what's new and interesting here?
14.20–14.35 Antonio Picornell, Spain. Disparity between olive fruit production and pollen integrals in Malaga (southern Spain)
14.40-14.55 Denis Omelchenko,Russia. ITS1, ITS2, 5`-ETS, and trnL-F barcodes comparison for metabarcoding of the Poaceae pollen
15.00- 15.10 Maryna Yasniuk, Ukraine. Patterns of sensitization to birch pollen of children in Ukraine
15.15 -15.30 David O'Connor, Ireland. Real-Time monitoring of pollen and fungal spores in Dubin, Ireland
Conclusions, discussions