Contribution to the Study of French for Sports

Apr 29, 2022, 12:30 PM
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Teodor-Florin Zanoaga (Alfred Ernout Center (Paris, France))


Our communication is based on a mixed corpus: 10 glossaries of words connected with the most mediatized sports during the Olympic games of Tokyo (2021) and Beijing (2022) (athletics, basketball, football, handball, swimming, pentathlon, skiing, tennis, triathlon and hockey) and a collection of articles from the French newspapers Le Monde and L’Équipe concerning these two events. The analytical and descriptive study of the large amount of data from the corpus is possible thanks to the programs Lexico and Hyperbase.
Our purpose is to study the forms of expressiveness of the French words connected with sports.
Firstly, in the glossaries, we will analyze the mechanisms of creating new words by: metaphor (eg. biscotte “yellow card”, in football), metonymy / antonomasia (eg. un salchow “a type of jump” in figure skating), comparison (eg. monter en canard, in skiing) or personification (eg. caresser les pédales, in cycling).
We will identify the figurative words and expressions in our media corpus and we will see how they make these two sporting events to be different, compared with the last editions.
We will observe also the differences in the presentationo these two Olympic Games in the newspaper Le Monde and l'Equipe.
The presence of a large number of figurative expressions in the media speech connected with in a sign that the organization of these competitions has been changing during the pandemic.

Biographical note(s) of the author(s)

Teodor-Florin Zanoaga
PhD in Language Sciences (Sorbonne University, Paris, France, 2012)
Certified translator

His fields of interest are the French lexicology, the languages for specific purposes and the discourse anaysis.

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Alfred Ernout Center (Paris, France)

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Teodor-Florin Zanoaga (Alfred Ernout Center (Paris, France))

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