Keynote Speakers


Vita Kalnbērziņa  University of Latvia, Latvia

Onsite versus online studies: student perspective    abstract

Ingūna Skadiņa University of Latvia, Latvia Latvian language resources and tools for research, education and technology development    abstract
Crispin Thurlow University of Bern, Switzerland No strings attached? Multilingual performance and fleeting conviviality in host-tourist encounters    abstract


Liliana Szczuka-Dorna Poznan University of Technology, Poland ESP Quo Vadis?    abstract
Ángel Felíces Lago University of Granada, Spain Why the cultural briefing is also necessary among Spanish-speaking countries? Non-verbal cross-cultural differences under scrutiny    abstract
Anita Načiščione Latvian Academy of Culture

Stylistic use of allusion: A study of verbal and multimodal discourse